Street Food- Cuisine that Captures Culture

If you were travelling in an exotic land and wanted to soak up all the culture that the destination has to offer, where would you go to eat? Would you reserve a table at a reputable four or five star restaurant or would you amble over to the street food stalls where delicious flavours waft in the air?

I personally feel that street food, low-key eateries capture the essence of the particular culture more so than fine-dining restaurants. Especially if you’re in India where pani puri and dahi puri are best made at the small chaat stands you can find on the corners of the street, packed with bold flavour and decently priced as well!

Recently, I tried a place called Momo Hut near Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore and it was fantastic. The momos are to die for and let me tell you, the sauce is bomb. Quite literally, it explodes in your mouth with its sheer spiciness so if you have low spice tolerance I would recommend caution but if you’re like me and you prefer that exhilaration of eating something really hot, go for it! I’ve also tried the veg noodles and veg thupka (noodles in soup) and both were amazing. The thupka was my favourite, steaming hot and fresh!

If you live in Bangalore then please go and check this place out! Here’s more on Zomato 🙂


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