Day 7: The Book Fundamentals

Prompt: Write a list poem.

The Book Fundamentals

  1. Open the book and sniff the pages
  2. Flip them and revel in the crisp sound
  3. Never leave them in the shelf for ages
  4. Be careful with books that are hard bound
  5. Staining a book is an unspoken crime
  6. Never forget that a book is a secret door
  7. For them, you ought to always make time
  8. Never despair, once finished, there are plenty more

Post-it Art

I’m quite fond of post-its and buy a new pack every time I visit Staples so now I’ve amassed them like a treasure that’ll take me years to use.

When a friend suggested I ought to draw on them, I started doing my thing and decided to build a collage of post-it doodles bit by bit. This has been months in the making!

Here’s the transformation 🙂