Day 6: The Devil’s Wasteland

Prompt: Respond to the poem you posted previously with a poem of your own.

The last poem I’d posted as part of this challenge was titled God’s Garden so here’s my poetic response to it…



The Devil’s Wasteland

“Dig, dig, dig…”

The chants climbed the crevice

As I make room for one more soul

Another victim of death’s kiss

Shall he be lumped in with

the liars, their tongues cut out

or the monsters of myth…

The hounds of hell shout

make room with the perverse

Whose desires are ever left burning

Yet I think what is best is something worse

In a pit full of  flame churning

With unnamed sinners as fuel

I like to watch them burn

They provide light in this land of waste

Each one their rightful spot earn

Their own poison they will taste

I shall see to it that they do

For these decision are made only by me

That they, like their victims, suffer too

And so it shall be.