I’m an investor.

I invest my emotions in the plots of novels, films and especially with characters I take a liking to.

I invest my talent when I have a single black pen in my hand, be it for writing or drawing of some sort.

I invest my curiosity and academic interest in non-fiction. Whether or not it is a part of my syllabus is irrelevant.

I invest my thoughts in the art of midnight pondering on life and art and how the line between the two can be so fine.

I invest time and energy in everything I do.

I invest my self.

Movie Review- Smashed

With movies centered around alcoholism it could go one of two ways: overly depressing with a fair amount of screen time dedicated to emotional AA meetings or it could be fun and ridiculous, watching intoxicated people make fools of themselves in inebriated states. Smashed is a brilliant movie that has thread the needle, able to do both.

Smashed is about a married couple, Kate and Charlie, whose bond is built on a mutual love of alcohol. While they love each other, they also love drinking and this very foundation to their relationship puts it to the test when gets their relationship put to the test when Kate decides to get sober.

Making you think twice about ordering that extra tequila shot, the film also maintains a certain light-heartedness that makes it different from tiring dramas on the subject. It was nice to watch a moderate-budget and high quality movie at the same, reminding me that independent films are worth the time to watch. I especially loved the open ending.

The cast is fantastic and reads like a number of reasons to watch the film. With Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Paul, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman( Parks and Recreation) etc. there is no reason to expect anything less than fantastic acting in the movie. Mary Elizabeth Winstead portrayed her character as anything but a victim, showing the audience how much bravery it takes for an alcoholic to become sober. As an avid Breaking Bad fan it was great to see Aaron Paul zip on a different skin as a alcoholic this time 🙂

Rating: 4/5