Skeletons aren’t in my closet. They’re buried in my backyard. Three to be precise. By the oak tree I used to swing on as a child, scraping my knees on malicious patches of dirt as I tumbled off it. Those skid marks and scars faded with time just as rotting flesh breaks down gradually.

When it drizzles on an austere autumn day, it’s not the fresh earthy smell as mud collects the rain that forces its way into my nostrils. It’s the stench of death. A mixture of foul fumes and rotten eggs. Eyeballs ‘puddling’ out of the skull socket and oozing into the soil. With a dash of fallen eyelashes. An eerie, unique fertilizer made as a result.

The dandelions that sprouted out from the ground sucked it up like a newborn child with milk. I pictured the remains intermingled with the root nerves, resistant at first, detecting that it had been tainted. But they slurped it up anyway. After all, poisoned sustenance is better than nothing at all.

The water, compressed amongst particles of the earth, would taste of purpled blood and remnants of intestines from an open cavity wound. A few stray hairs dipped in the mess. Never bend down to smell the fresh-cut lawn. Let’s just say that it’s an acquired scent.

Besides, if you bend down so low, I’m afraid you’ll be close enough to see what I see when I survey the yard from my back door.

The mustard dandelion petals…with coloured veins creeping underneath, whispers of red like clotted arteries in a tired heart. Sometimes, I thought they pulsed like they do in humans. Then I push the thought out of my head.

But I can never forget that they are out there.

The dandelions served as living reminders. The only thing that reminded me of them.

The skellies, my mother says.

Well… used to say.

Photography Challenge Day 12- Something You Overlook

I must have gone to Brigade Road a a few dozen times and passed this little bit of graffiti on the wall each time I was there, without really taking a second to properly look at it. Today, I decided to give it a little more attention in the form of a photograph so that I didn’t overlook it anymore. Cute and simple, isn’t it?


Microwave Mug Brownie Sundae

microwave mug brownie
Source: Cooking Classy

So since I wanted to learn how to bake, I thought I’d start off with a simple and quick recipe to boost my confidence. A microwave mug brownie was perfect for this reason! I found the recipe on a blog called Cooking Classy and I definitely recommend trying it out!

If your kitchen is organised and you’ve got all the ingredients ready, then it shouldn’t take more than five to ten minutes ( I know the recipe says five but I think it’s a little optimistic when you’re first trying it out).

The best part about it is that you don’t need any other cooking pots and pans, all you need is large mug. It’s also convenient for those who want a quick fix to their sweet tooth cravings. All you need is a microwave and this is why it’s perfect for college students who don’t have much time to spend baking elaborate cakes and fondants.

Now, when I tried following the recipe, I got caught up in the cluster of directions given in a single paragraph. So I broke it down into simpler steps when writing down the recipe and made some changes to make it work with my Panasonic microwave oven:

1.  Add butter and sugar to a large mug. Heat it in the microwave for 40 seconds. Then remove from microwave and stir the mixture with a fork.

2. Mix in egg and vanilla extract. Add cocoa powder, flour, salt and baking powder. Stir until well combined.

3. Heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

4. Serve with a scoop of  vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top!

*All credit for the recipe goes to Cooking Classy though.

Although my mug brownie didn’t turn out to be as photogenic as the original, it tasted really good 🙂


Thanks for following!

My blog has now hit the 200 followers mark and I just thought I’d say thanks for the follows and hopefully you guys have liked whatever I’ve been posting! I never thought I’d blog more than a few months out of my summer boredom but it’s the response to my posts and you awesome people who’ve made it worth continuing so I really appreciate it 🙂

Feel free to comment and venture an opinion here, it’s great to read!