Binge-Watching is better than Stinge-Watching


I’ve always found it easier to go to the extremes of the spectrum instead of sitting square in the middle of it. I listen to the same song on repeat until I get sick of it and the same goes for food and there are a few regrets there but one thing I do not regret is binge-watching. Call it being immature or being unable to exercise self control but I binge-watch TV shows A LOT.

Being a college student wrapped up with deadlines and assignments at the end of the semester, there isn’t much time to get your head around a really good TV series. When you’ve got time off before your finals, however, binge-watching is back with a bang, filling days that you should be studying with much more entertainment than they should be.

I just finished binge-watching Breaking Bad for the third time and god knows how many times I’ve done the same with Friends. When things get too intense in the drama, comedy acts as a nice little reprieve so at least there is some sort of balance in my binge-viewing.

When I first started watching Breaking Bad it was on an overnight bus ride where I couldn’t sleep. I’d been postponing watching the show for a while and then I thought what the hell and pressed play. That was it. I was hooked from the word go. Suddenly when my laptop battery died I was left on the edge of suspense and what would ultimately lead to a full-fledged addiction to the show. I remember finishing the entire second season in a day.

Some  people think binge-watching is unhealthy because it disrupts your sleep cycle  resulting from the inability to stop watching multiple episodes continuously and it could also potentially lead to obsessions with TV series.

To this I argue that when you focus on one show in particular you can really invest in the plot and the whole world behind it instead of just skimming the surface. It really sticks with you and it can be intense, depending on the show of course.(Plus, I don’t sleep early anyway so I might as well do something with that time, right? )

Infographic: Binge Watching TV

However, my only issue with binge-watching is that you don’t get to watch a TV show evolve over time like I did with Dexter.

What are your thoughts?



11 thoughts on “Binge-Watching is better than Stinge-Watching”

  1. I don’ know anyone else who does this! I’ve seen all 121 episodes of ‘Lost’ three times each, back to back to back. I’ve watched all five seasons of ‘Friday Night Lights’ four or five times. Grey’s Anatomy is my go to and I can’t even venture to guess how many times I’ve seen those seasons. Its interesting to see how much you can miss. Still, there are times when I catch whole 15 minute long chunks that I’ve somehow missed every other time. You can really invest characters and stories this way and I couldn’t agree with you more!

    1. Thank god I’m not the only one! I know exactly how you feel! I like re-watching TV shows because you see it differently than before and it’s just as interesting when you didn’t know what was going to happen.

  2. It really is. And you can watch from a different perspective; pay attention to lighting, camera work, the actors’ delivery of lines because you’re not seeing it for the first time and trying to follow the story. You get a deeper level of understanding of the story, that way.

  3. I have re-binged on Dexter, and am considering going back to watch Heroes after a few years break. Last binge was Orange is the New Black. The thing about binge-watching is it fully immerses you in another world. I look at it as a delicious forbidden treat. I don’t indulge that often, cause it feels really weird coming back to the world. Binge-watching Revenge really put me in a weird state of mind after a while, so I needed to take a break.

  4. Binge watching just makes TV better than movies. With the kind of quality television coming out lately (especially in the case of Breaking Bad), you can have movie-quality plot, characters, and suspense all loving delivered over the course of a two day epic.

    1. I absolutely agree. What makes watching TV amazing is how you can see characters evolve over seasons and sort of become attached to them. That’ something you could never do with a movie.

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