Do you know what Feminism is?

If I were to ask a single question and determine whether or not someone could be my friend based on the answer, it really is quite simple…

Do you understand what feminism means?

Sadly the word is a very misunderstood one but as Emma Watson rightly said in her UN speech for the HeforShe Campaign, it is not the word that matters but rather the idea behind it. So the better question to be asked is actually…

Do you understand what feminism is?

I sincerely hope you do because whether you are a man or woman, boy or girl, feminism should matter to you because…

Feminism is not synonymous to man-hating or believing in superiority over men but rather gender equality. It means affording equal rights to both men and women. It’s justice.

Perhaps you’re a feminist and you don’t even know it. 

Maybe we could be friends but we don’t know it.

Isn’t that a shame?


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