Verbosity Pulls

I’m verbose, never brief.

Economy of words is difficult especially in writing. How and which words do you choose to express your thoughts? If you say it in three, will it be the same as saying it in three hundred? I don’t think so and it really depends.

No matter how much I restrain myself, one thing I cannot do is follow a word limit. As a kid, I thought that it wasn’t too much of an issue, but now that I have exam papers with huge 15 mark questions and not much time to write them in, word limits are useful yet on my part, neglected.

I can only imagine word limits would be very upset with me and if they could see a shrink I’d bet they’d have a lot to say…

Psychiatrist: How do you feel today?

Word limit: Well, I feel absolutely ignored and disrespected. I mean how would you feel if you laid down the law and someone just went ahead and broke it anyway? If it’s 1200 words then it’s 1200 words. Not 1348, 1567 or even 1201. It is 1200. But no, she never cares. She just goes on and on and on…

Psychiatrist: Wow, for a word limit, you sure do jabber.

Word limit: Do you see? That’s what she’s done to me!

Sorry word limit. I’ll try to keep it brief next time.


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