Movie Review- 22 Jump Street


Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube etc.

“It’s always worse the second time around” says deputy police chief Hardy in the beginning of 22 Jump Street but he could not have been more wrong. While sequels have disappointed in the case of comedies like Grown Ups and Meet the Parents, 22 Jump Street defies the odds.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill reprise their roles as Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt, who take their undercover mission to the next level by infiltrating a college drug ring with the usual slapstick comedic mayhem that defines the movie franchise what with sleeping with the captain’s daughter and chase sequences through the university campus. Jonah Hill proves his versatility in playing a bumbling cop with a heart after his Academy award nominated role in Wolf of Wall Street. Channing Tatum proves he’s not just a hunk but a real comedic asset to the film as a goofy jock. Ice Cube as the expletive-spouting captain with a permanently ingrained scowl is easily one of the best reasons to watch this sequel.

Hilarity ensues through out the film and perhaps a warning ought to be issued prior to its commencement saying “The following movie may cause respiratory difficulty resulting from uncontrollable laughter.”

However, not everything about the film is an in-your-face jest. The name of the fictitious drug this time is Why-phy (pronounced WiFi), cleverly making a remark on the pandemic that is internet mania amongst college students. After a while, the search for the dealer of Why-phy takes a back seat as Schmidt and Jenko are forced to see how different they are and explore different paths as if they were on a break like Rachel and Ross from Friends. Something about Tatum and Hill’s bromance in the film gets the audience hooked as if they were an actual couple we want to see get back together. And of course they do.

In fact, in the end credits we see a multitude of future sequels that play like a spoof of the franchise, ranging from Culinary School to Dance School with a small appearance from Seth Rogen! The credits are a must-watch and show us how the makers of Jump Street can parody their own film while retaining its quality as a movie. That is why Jump Street won’t end at 22 but could also go on to 2121 Jump Street!


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