Why is Rape Glamourised?

Last week I had my midterm exams and there’s always one person who walks out of the exam hall, confident and ecstatic claiming he or she has ‘raped’ the paper. By my understanding that should mean something terrible but it’s the exact opposite. It means that person did exceedingly well.

This alarms me.

Why is the use of the term rape becoming so casual and more importantly…why is it considered to be a good thing that empowers someone?

Whether a girl or boy uses it is is irrelevant but the mere fact that rape is not even just glamourised in conversation but also in the fashion industry is an abomination.

Indian photographer Raj Shetye’s photo shoot appears to have been inspired by the devastating Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi that sent shock waves across the globe. The victim was gang raped by six men with iron rods on a bus as the driver kept driving. Afterwards, she succumbed to her injuries and died. It’s unimaginable that this tragedy could inspire a fashion shoot.

The photos are disturbing and create a feeling of outrage and discomfort. Not to mention they’re downright disrespectful to all rape victims.

Although Raj Shetye has defended his work claiming he meant to spread a message concerning women’s plights in India, it has backfired and created the wrong sort of awareness. Then again, some people believe any attention-positive or negative- is a good thing. That’s where the shame lies.

the wrong turn model

fashion wrong turn photos

wrong turn photo shoot

The bottom line is that rape is a crime.

You should not have to be reminded of that.


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