Long Live

 In a world where humans race

The pyramids go into outer space

Climbing to the top is rough

But staying there is just as tough

They say you’ve got to be a serpent

And for the poison, never repent

But one minute, I beg to differ

You don’t need to make someone suffer

Quiet isn’t as quiet seems

In solitude one reigns supreme

Thinking that there’s a routine

is just how you won’t be queen

No anointment with a blood-stained crown

No all mighty staff commanding “Bow down.”

No white powder of respect worn

No black liner of contempt and scorn

Power is as one constructs

Not as knives and swords destruct

Violence and war begets

blazing fires and cold threats

So fighting for rights is null

Take what’s yours, don’t mull

Don’t need shackles and chains

And that is how the queen reigns

Long live

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