The Spoilt Spoils

This is dedicated to all the kids who pick through the trash hoping to find something magical within it. Because they’re still kids and they still believe in magic.

The Spoilt Spoils (X Marks the Spot and it leads right to the DUMPSTER)

In the outskirts of the city

Lay a mound of treasure

Three boys stood before it

Its value they could not measure


Before their dull eyes, was a sparkling array

Of rubies, diamonds and gold

Gleaming with wonder and promise

For one and all to behold


But no one else could see it

Only these lads went on and on

About how they’d hit the jackpot

And they sifted through it till dawn


And do you know what they were staring at?

A rotting pile of trash

For these boys are rag pickers

Their survival stemming from ash


What lies outside your prison?

IMG_0069-001 IMG_0069-002

One day, I thought about how we feel encased by some force in our lives, be it mundane desk jobs or a monotonous class schedule. Yet, perhaps they’re not imprisoning us at all, maybe they’re keeping us in check, protecting us from the chaos that is a life without purpose or means to pass seconds into minutes and minutes into hours.

So think about it…

What lies outside your prison?