It has been said that our lives are like stories that we write as each minute passes. If life were a book, then there would be characters in our narratives. These characters are the people we are surrounded by and choose to surround ourselves with.

I hear so many stories about the will to survive and fight cancer, the stories of a mother’s undying love for her children and how when it is put to the test, her love will always win no matter what. I’ve heard the plights of children who have come from nothing and have now become happy through a long and difficult journey. I’d like to say I have a monumentally inspirational story that made me wake up and see everyone around me in a new light. I don’t. But I do know we should be ever grateful for the people in our lives.

We are fortunate to have loved ones and unfortunate to have those people who think they know us but don’t; yet they have the audacity to judge away.

There are those who go out into the world to achieve for the sense of accomplishment…and there are those who do the very same but for that euphoric feeling of victory when they crush and put down others.

There are all kinds of people. There are the people who have everything and still feel the need to crib. Who don’t realise how truly lucky they are and use harsh words. People who thinks it’s all about them. People who couldn’t care less or say something as simple as have a nice day. People who have so many facets you can’t even keep track. To all those who who are the reason someone goes home and cries; you don’t know the pain you cause but you should. You wouldn’t be able to handle it if the tables were turned. You are the shackles that hold others down.

But it’s nice to know there are others. The complete opposite of the afore mentioned. People who are not that much better off than before but are still happy. Those rare people who take the time to write loving and meaningful messages and tributes to light up a few faces and make them smile for as long they are reading it…maybe longer. People who make you smile by doing the simplest thing. People who make you feel like it will get better down the line. To all these people, to the REAL people: you are wonderful and you do make an impact on others lives for the better. You are our life jackets.

So when you find you find yourself drowning in a sea of despair, loneliness and insecurity, don’t let the shackles strapped to your ankles drag you down. Break free of them and use a lifejacket. Then take a deep breathe when you reach the surface. Hold on to that lifejacket and don’t let it go. And lastly and perhaps the most important note to be left with, save the others who are drowning as well. BE A LIFEJACKET.


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