What my blog taught me

When I started this blog in the summer, I was looking for a way to put my work out there, where everyone could read it and to have a personal space that’s just me. Now I have that.

I’m an introvert who doesn’t really enjoy going around and publicizing my work to other people so I used to have my writing and art stuffed away in notebooks and sketchbooks in my desk drawers. It was always something for me and that was never a problem but now I realize it can be more than that. This blog has helped me share my talent and put myself out there.

Three months after starting this blog, I’ve seen it build slowly and I’ve gained so much from it.

Here are some things I’ve learned from this ongoing process:

  • Feedback makes you much better. I’ve now become accustomed to taking other people’s views into consideration when writing and this has improved it a great deal. A professor of mine said “Flattery is your enemy because it is deceiving but criticism allows you to grow and conquer.” So I’m glad to have received critical( which does not mean negative as many people assume) advice and of course the very kind words I hope people have not meant to be deceiving 🙂
  • Some people are downright nasty and leave terribly demotivating comments on some posts and from that I’ve learned how to handle situations like that with grace as opposed to feeling insulted. I haven’t stooped to their level of derogation which I;m glad for.
  • Blogging sounds irrelevant or pointless when referred to on TV shows when they say everyone can blog and it’s just people on the internet who need a space to rant about pointless daily events. Well, I strongly disagree because I’ve found blogging to be very therapeutic. It encourages free expression and I’m grateful for that liberty.
  • My thoughts and world view has changed. I see my life and everyday routines as inspiration for posts instead of as mundane trivialities. When college assignments bog down on me, I find them more interesting when I think of them as potential blog posts especially for literature since there isn’t detailed analysis for every piece of writing so blogs are useful in communicating what we learn to others.

I’m sure after a year of blogging on here, I’ll be able to write an essay on everything I’ve learned but for now that’s pretty much it 🙂



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