Movie Review- How to Train Your Dragon

Rating: 4/5

Cast: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill etc.

How to Train your Dragon 2 picks up five years from the end of the  prequel so you can expect a more mature story line with Hiccup, Astrid and the gang all grown up. You can just feel how much time has passed between the two films and this is a good thing because we have also grown up as well.

In HTTYD 2, Hiccup starts to explore neighbouring territories with Toothless and map them out. He and Astrid run into some trouble with a dragon trapper named Eret who tells them of a dragon army being built by Draco Bludvist, a dangerous enemy of Stoick, Hiccup’s father. On his way to make peace with Bludvist, Hiccup gets side tracked and makes a life changing discovery (that I won’t mention because yes, I hate spoilers too). In the end a harrowing battle ensues and has the audience on the edge of their seats so I guarantee it’s entertaining!

I enjoyed the second movie much more than the first partly because it caters to older audiences as well as children and it is more action-packed and established compared to the first movie which now feels like its purpose was to set up the back story for the sequel and not act as a stand alone film. How to Train your Dragon was meant to be a series and the second installment does not disappoint the audience.

I always maintain that every film being shot in 3D can get a bit ridiculous (Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is an example of a movie that did not require 3D effects because it was compelling enough without them.) but HTTYD 2 was made for 3D. Not only are the visuals stunning and beautiful but they pop out at you and who wouldn’t want an airborne dragon to do that!

The soundtrack also deserves credit with amazing composition through out the movie. I’ve read that the composer John Powell grappled with the question of how to make a movie sound older, fun yet mature all at once. I’d day he did a great job on it though! If you want to hear what I’m talking about listen to the end credit song below!


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