A Modest Celebrity

If I were to be a celebrity for a day, I would like to be a modest one.

I want to…

Use my money to support my mom, buy her a car, pay off her mortgage because it’s the least I could do.

Play football with some friends (I’m hoping this celebrity is slightly better at the game than I am, though I am pretty good defense).

Always be happy and appreciative, making life look simple even though it’s not.

Play guitar in my spare time.

Do my part for charity and make a difference whether it’s meeting sick children or organising a massive event to raise money for a cause I believe in, maybe autism.

Know what it feels like to give people hope.

Smile so much my face hurts and laugh so much I can’t breathe.

In short, I would like to be Niall Horan.

But only for a day.

happy niall



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