City Planners-The Rideau Canal

Planning a city of your own design is as if someone threw upon your table, a puzzle that needs to solved-sudden and intriguing. Yet, it is one wherein you can pick your favourite pieces and use them how so ever you like.

So of all the pieces of architecture to choose from like a tiny second hand bookstore in the streets of London or a bridge in Paris, I’d choose to include a canal similar to that of Rideau Canal in Ottawa, the longest man-made canal in the world.

Although the term man-made has a negative connotation, it truly is a beautiful part of the city, for boats to skim the waters in the summer and for skates to slip and stroke its frozen ice in the winter.

The Rideau Canal around Christmas time

I imagine it would be nice to walk along the canal during the summer, an aesthetic element to a casual walk.

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