Book a Day (Days 1-5)

Day 1: Favourite Book from Childhood

I always enjoyed reading Roald Dahl but The BFG was quite easily my favourite of all his books.


Day 2: Best Bargain

I was feeling a bit low so I headed to the nearest bookstore and lo and behold, I found one of my favourite childhood books on sale. If you convert the price to British pounds it’s exactly 1 pound and a little over $1.


Day 3: One with a Blue Cover

There’s an interesting and illegal story behind this. A friend of mine shoplifted it and gave it to me as a joke. I still have it…I’m sorry bookshop? If it’s any consolation, I didn’t enjoy the book all that much. It resembled paperback porn, if I were being honest. Anyway, I thought it was funny about the title saying grey and the cover being as close to blue as grey could be. (I didn’t have a proper blue cover.)


Day 4: Least favourite book by favourite author

I really loved The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and in all fairness, it did set the bar quite high for the sequels so as a consequence they did end up falling short. The last of the Millennium trilogy was a bit bland for my taste.


Day 5: Doesn’t belong to me

A friend gave me a copy of The Book Thief that was left on a British Airways flight and her aunt happens to work for the airline and she gave it to me knowing I wanted to read it. I’d just like to tell the real owner that I’m taking very good care of their copy and that you needn’t worry, I promise.




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