Binding Judgement- Of Books and covers

I’m not ashamed to say that I do judge books by their cover. Why? Because when book covers are designed, there is careful thought and artistic consideration that goes into it and quite honestly, saying that the cover is meaningless is insulting to those who spend time working on them. Covers act as a means of grabbing attention and conveying a certain impression on the soon-to-be-reader (or not) about the contents of the book. A book targeted for those interested in romance is obviously different than that of action and mystery lovers which you can see below:


Personally, I think the cover changes everything. The covers of books I read as a child have now changed and its hard to get used to them at first, but once you look at them in a linear perspective of time, you can see how we’ve changed over the years in terms of visuals and graphics.

Take the Harry Potter covers for example…

and the Series of Unfortunate Events.

I’d actually like to dedicate this post to covers, paying homage to them in fact. Most of the time, it is based on the cover that I can tell if I will enjoy a certain book and unlike what most people seem to think, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a judgmental aid, if you will.

It’s judging other people based on the cover of the book they’re reading that’s the terrible habit. To each his own and we have to respect that.


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