A Dip into the Stream of Consciousness

Perhaps being a little too literal, this prompt makes me think of the stream of consciousness as a physical stream through which we all wade in as the years go by. So how do you approach the bipolar waves, going from calm to torrential? Do you dip your toes in to test the waters or will that be enough to sweep you away to a space unknown to the consciousness itself? Do you wear a life jacket for fear of drowning in it because the possibility of it happening is so vivid in my mind.

I imagine being a spectator of the stream, watch ideas and concepts merge and disseminate into one another, chaotically organised, connected by the simplest of threads. One minute I’m thinking of psychology and the fascination it holds, then I’m led to the world of Inception. Dreams are only a part of the human experience, while consciousness is everything. Or so we like to think?

While the stream of consciousness seems turbulent enough, it is that of the unconscious working of the mind that really is the scariest of rides. Do we dare take a seat?

Beware it is the darkest recesses of the mind, filled with horror stories from your life, locked away for the sake of sanity but should it be unlocked, would anyone in fact, ever be truly sane? Are we all just disturbed and insane underneath masquerading as functional societal beings because of a mental mechanism? Should we be less afraid to embrace our so called demons? Maybe it will make us all the better for it…because pretending to be pristine is a deception. Do we want to pretend with our own selves?

It certainly is something to think about.



9 thoughts on “A Dip into the Stream of Consciousness”

    1. Yes, it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot lately after encountering a lot of judgmental people. I’ve become less inclined to be open with others except a close few.

  1. I love this! If I look in the mirror, will I see the face that everyone else sees, or will I get a glimpse of the darkness slithering underneath?

  2. If anyone would be sane life would be boring. Too boring.
    By the way: I think you didn’t take it too literal. You have definetly shared an interesing train of thought and I am happy I have read it

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