Hats off to Kalki Koechlin

The Bollywood actress’ monologue at the India Today Conclave is stunning and honest at the same time, a feat that is difficult to accomplish. Kalki’s solo act is one that should be seen by everyone-men and women.

Humour rings through as she says, ” Five husbands! That can’t be fun, God knows I have enough trouble with one!” She also speaks of the pretention at celebrity galas, double standards and the unfair oppression of women’s voices and opinions. Dubbed by the actress as “Just another rant”, it will certainly touch you and make you think.

I particularly related to the following snippet from her monologue:

“Sometimes I just want an oversized T shirt, boxer shorts, unkempt hair and unibrows.

I want armpit hair long enough to plait,

I want a clean face without a trace of make up

I want to look the way I do when I wake up.

I am starving to be me.”

Let me know in the comments if you liked it and which parts really went to heart!


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