From Introverts With Love

My psychology classmates in college were asked to define introversion as a part of an interactive activity and it did not surprise me when they all grossly mistook it for being antisocial and awkward. Answers ranged from “They don’t have any social skills.” to “They know themselves well.” and only the latter was an accurate description. While I was not surprised, I was a little angry about it, because I’m an introvert myself (no surprise there huh?).

Let’s get something straight right here and right now:










So these supposed proverbs for introverts are just perpetuating misconceptions about introverts:

I’ve always been disappointed with the way the world praises extroverts for being just the way they are but continually push introverts to be something they are not. It’s not a terrible thing to be introverted although there certainly is an unjustly negative connotation surrounding the concept. Yet, we don’t want to change to suit the world around us. We don’t have to.

If you want an accurate picture of who introverts really are then click on this Psychology Today article: 9 Signs You’re Really an Introvert.

Hopefully this should clarify things but alas for the most part…


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