Game of Groans- Those Drama Queens

There are some people more inclined to making a spectacle of themselves which  may just end in a debacle at public gatherings. We call them drama queens. Those people who need attention on them for good or bad reasons. Those people who can’t have a conversation solely about someone else. Those people who cry far too much in public looking for consolation from everyone in the room. Basically, those self-obsessed people who can’t live without drama.

Yet, they do make for interesting news, providing us laid back people something to laugh at and mock behind their backs. They’re like a form of entertainment at parties. They’re even like animals at the zoo and we’re the people who watch them from outside their cage. Because all their attention-seeking and drama obsessive behaviour really is a cage, blocking them from connecting with real people. Sometimes, I think it’s a necessary boundary for chilled out people and those crazy ones. God knows we need it.

So in the end, perhaps the best thing about them is that they put on a show. And it’s sometimes fun to watch.

And ridicule.


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