Why TVD Needs to End

*Spoiler alert

Once upon a time, I was an avid follower of The Vampire Diaries yet now find myself questioning what I saw in the show and how a spin-off (The Originals) has been born from it. I was truly surprised to hear it was even  picked up for a 6th season after the disaster it’s become.

Here’s 5 reasons why I think TVD has run its course:

1. Death has become a joke on the show

Although there is something poetic about Damon and Bonnie dying together in the season finale, death seems to be a trivial matter on the show to the point where the audience doesn’t care since they’ll be brought back to life some way or the other. I, for one, wasn’t terribly rattled when Jeremy died earlier and sure enough I didn’t need to be since he came back ( I forgot how). I’m sure Damon and Bonnie will find their way back from the after life. Or at least Damon will as I think Bonnie’s character is long overdue to be killed.

2. The cast members have lost their chemistry

It was Stefan and Elena and now it’s Damon and Elena. Delena shippers have waited years for them to get together as those who favoured Stelena enjoyed themselves. Yet, ever since Damon and Elena finally became an item there have been nothing but incessant roadblocks, leading to a turbulent relationship. Not very entertaining, if you ask me.

3. Damon has lost all his charm 

Ian Somerhalder’s portrayal isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that his character has become lack lustre and predictable as he spirals out of control because Elena dumps him. This has now become a pattern that viewers are becoming sick of. Damon was the bad-ass older brother who possessed a sense of danger and allure but now he’s become the pathetic guy who’s stability depends on a girl. Damon’s character development really needed the fifth season finale cliffhanger but I doubt it will prove to make us think differently about him.


4. The 5th season seemed like it had no plot in mind

It’s the fifth season that has helped me come to my negative conclusion about the series. I’d seen all the four previous seasons with interest but watching the latest one felt more like a chore, where I had to finish what I started. There have been episodes where I was desperately wishing for it to be over. I’m not the only one either, since many have actually stopped watching mid way through the season.

5. There are no new interesting characters 

Silas was interesting but then he was killed off and since then there has been no one of note. The travellers were a nuisance and quite cliched while Katherine is dead (finally, might I add). The only good thing is that Alaric is now back from the Other Side but what good is that when his drinking buddy Damon is now dead? Not much, I’m afraid.


2 thoughts on “Why TVD Needs to End”

  1. I stopped watching somewhere in the third season because of the ‘we have to kill the original vampires’ subplot. I was sick of watching Klauss survive after every two episodes.
    I endorse each one of your points. Great post 🙂

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