What’s an OTP? I’ll give you 2!

This post comes from the gutted heart of a fangirl and I know that some times fandom lingo can be quite confusing so there are some basic terms you ought to know before reading the rest of this article.

The term OTP  stands for one true pair and fans often ship an OTP. According to urban dictionary, shipping means endorsing a romantic relationship, most often fictional.

So here’s a few fictional OTPs I ship (to the point where it is emotionally shattering):

 Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter)

It’s the goofy boy and the smart girl. I think it’s a perfect match even though J.K Rowling seems to be having her doubts. Having read the books and watched the films growing up I was always excited about the prospect of Ronmione. I know there are people who believe Harry would have been better suited for Hermione but I can’t agree. I just can’t; they’d be far too serious a couple. Ron was always what Hermione needed to loosen up. Their banter and incessant arguments through out the series and the times of jealousy was always meant to end up with the two together.

2. Peter and Gwen (Spiderman)

For those who follow the Spiderman comics it was always destined for Gwen to die, yet after watching The Amazing Spiderman 2 it feels like part of you dies with her, changing how you view the franchise. This is no doubt brought about by the stellar performances of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone whose on screen chemistry is rivaled by their off screen chemistry. After watching Marc Webb’s take on Spiderman I can’t ship Peter and MJ anymore. Sadly, Gwen will always just be Peter’s first love and nothing more. Though Peter and Gwen don’t have a happy ending, I’m glad Andrew and Emma are together in real life.

So who do you ship?



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