Indians and their Cricket

I am saddened to hear that the parasitic nature of corruption has leaked its way into sports especially cricket; the passion of every Indian possessing a unique uniting power within itself and a religion avidly followed. Cricket is in our blood, hence the apt phrase bleed blue and this makes the IPL scam hit fans hard. Disappointing as it was, the message such a debacle sends is detrimental to sportsmanship and disgraces the integrity of the game.

Sometimes it escapes my mind that hockey, not cricket, is our national sport. Unfortunately with the spotlight on cricket and its overwhelming expenditure, other sports tend to be skated over. Athletes having the ability to win gold medals are not funded as well as cricket players and this is why we dominate in the world of cricket but lag behind in the Olympics.

However in love we are with this sport we cannot deny that the amount of money being poured into it is staggering and shameful, to be honest. The poor are devoid of basic amenities and our country’s multinational corporations and national companies are spending on cricket instead of putting such funds to better use. But after all, cricket is a cash opportunity that many would invest in.

I honestly don’t see any change in the future since cricket plays such a fanatical role in our lives. Sadly to say I don’t think other sports and athletics will ever have as much attention as cricket does.

However we cannot deny that feeling of pride and strong nationalism when watching a match, especially a nail-biting India-Pakistan match. Families gather together and for the span of the game, a sense of unity is spread. I suppose we have cricket to thank for that.


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