Wherefore art thou Cassettes and VCRs?

A single mom recorded her kid’s favourite TV show on a video cassette and kept it ready for when her daughter came back home from school. Seeing that smile on her face, as she asked to watch it again was priceless and so her mom would rewind the tape with the VCR. That was when the magic started all over.

Charlie from a  book called the Perks of Being a Wallflower made mix tapes for a girl named Sam. He loved her and those mix tapes, that he spent so much time  filling up with his favourite songs, said it in ways he never thought he could. 

An old video camera is taken out of the closet and a cassette popped in, to watch the dedicated work of a videographer…a teenage girl’s father who’d spent countless hours filming every minute as if he were going to miss something. He probably filled up piles of video tapes thinking he’d watch them back when he’s a grandfather, wanting to see how his little girl grew up. Sadly, he passed away and it’s his daughter watching the tape just to hear his voice or catch a rare glimpse of him (he never took the camera off her, after all). She mourns the loss of the most important man in her life while watching.

And now she mourns the loss of cassettes and their players, the connection between past and present. She’s lost the only way she can see her dad.

She wishes for a VCR.

To rewind her life back to when he was still alive.


My father was a computer science professor and he would go crazy about any new gadgets in the electronic section. He died before the huge boom in technology and sometimes I can’t help but wonder how much he’d have loved the tech we have today-the iPhone, BluRay, 3D TV’s etc.

Maybe if he were still here, I’d have liked them  a little more too.



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