For the love of school supplies

(Before continuing let me make this clear, I am not talking about the movie The Notebook because I’ve never seen the whole thing. I’m talking about notebooks that you write in.)


Ever since I was a child, my favourite store was Staples, where office supplies and school supplies stretched on in endless aisles before me. Even now, I love stationary and can’t help buy more notebooks and supplies than I could possibly use. My insatiable rationalisation when I buy new things sounds something like ‘I will definitely use them!’ or ‘How can I NOT buy this?’, yet in actuality I don’t need any reasons to buy more notebooks.

As a student, they won’t be wasted and sometimes they motivate me to be neat with my notes and diagrams. I couldn’t possibly bear to scribble in the nice ones so I guess I’m a little prejudiced.

Not even, just notebooks but art supplies, colour paper, sketch books, anything and everything.


Now that I live in Bangalore, my favourite place to buy stationary is Landmark. They have the best stuff I’ve ever seen, sort of like my paradise.

Notebooks with Paris and London-themed covers
Notebooks with Paris and London-themed covers
Notebook with a cloth cover and hand made pages ūüôā
This is a clever one. When you open the notebook, the pages are upside down.
This is a clever one. When you open the notebook, the pages are upside down.
Marvel Superhero's notebook! I just had to.
Marvel Superheroes notebook! I just had to.
Pop art themed box
Pop art themed box

Gotta have em’ all, I guess.

Trick Questions

I know reporters can seem pesky but they’re not all like that and it’d be an honour to be interviewed by a Pulitzer-winning journalist.

That being said my three I-never-want-to-be-asked questions are:

1. How religious are you?

Not only do I make it a point to never discuss religion and politics with others, I’m also religiously confused. I’ve alternated from the religion I was raised in to being an atheist to being an agnostic so while some may call me godless, all I can say is I don’t know. And that’s an answer many don’t seem to like.

2. Tell us about your latest relationship.

If I were in a relationship at the time, I would like to keep details about it to myself. I wonder how some celebrities deal with being hounded by this question as opposed to asking them questions about their careers.

3. What is your take on alcohol and drugs?

I’m a social drinker and I enjoy my drinks so that’s not a problem for me but I’ve smoked (cigarettes not marijuana) on occasions and found it isn’t for me. However, majority of the people I know have smoked pot and that shouldn’t be a reason to judge them and the decision is theirs at the end of the day. I’d have to say I’m a neutral pacifist between those who are anti-drugs and alcohol and those who abuse them.

I may have answered these questions now but I probably wouldn’t be as comfortable speaking about it than writing about it, especially directly to another person.


I’d entered a French creative writing event at university and won second place for a short story I’d written called Camille. Unfortunately, I handed in the story and didn’t keep a copy for myself so I thought I’d convert whatever I remember from it into a flash fiction.


Un homme, Monsieur Baudelaire, qui habite pres d’une boutique de fleurs ¬†la visite tous les jours pour acheter une bouquet. La floriste lui reconnais et lui donne des fleurs-de-lis comme toujours et chaque jour, ell voit Monsieur Baudelaire marche vers sa maison. Mais elle ne sait pas qu’actuellement il va au cimitiere ou sa femme Camille reste. Parce qu’il ne peut pas oublier.

4 Must-see Romeo and Juliet Film Adaptations

All literature students know that William Shakespeare is as close to the holy grail of literature than any one could possibly be . His plays are phenomenal, ranging from comedies like¬†A Midsummer Night’s Dream¬†to tragedies like¬†Macbeth, appealing to one and all while¬†some certainly pretend to appreciate the bard.

While studying Shakespeare is challenging (thy, thine, what’s the difference), watching the film adaptations of his plays is certainly more appealing to students and audiences alike. After all, he had written for the stage so they were always meant to be performed.

To read my whole article click here!

An Open Letter to the Monster Under My Bed

Dear Monster under the Bed,

There are times when I just sit in the dark and my thoughts turn to you. I know that the more I think of you, the more you think of me.

You’re the only form of company I have and it seems as if I’m yours. We’ve been sharing the same bed for too long to be anything else, nothing but two sides of the same mattress.Though, I’m unsure which side is murkier… I’ve gotten to be quite close to the demons dancing in my mind.

And you’ve heard all my dirty dark secrets, the words I whisper to myself and the things I can’t say beyond the four walls of my room. Sometimes it’s as if someone is listening but it’s always been you. Only you.

The tears I’ve cried into the pillow have seeped below my bed till you soaked it up like a blanket. You must be intoxicated from the sadness like I am ¬†when I’m drinking my time away.

We’re a dysfunctional pair that can’t live without the other. We’re more alike than you think. You know me better than anyone else. There may be a reason for that.

Because we’re not enemies. We’re not friends.

We’re¬†the same.

sincerely yours,

The Monster above the Bed

p.s See you on the other side (pun intended).

a/n: I’m obsessed with The Monster. Eminem and Rihanna seriously need to record a whole album, I swear.


An Appreciative Open Letter

Dear all,

To those teachers that have taught me everything I know and who aren’t appreciated by society or students themselves, I salute you and your hard, dedicated work because to teach you must learn twice. Some of you have changed my life and you deserve a ¬†round of applause. *clapping*

To that guy who delivers my pizza, thanks for sparing me the trip to the mall when all I want to do is lounge around at home in my pajamas binge-watching TV show seasons. I hope you think I tip well enough.

To struggling musicians who have to put up with people calling them unemployed, don’t give up. Your music has the ability to transport someone into another world just by plugging in their ear phones and that’s a gift you shouldn’t waste.

To single parents who manage to raise their kids to be wonderful human beings, I respect and admire the courage it takes to do that, sometimes by choice and sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances. Your kids are proud, let me tell you that, because there are times when we don’t say it but by god do we mean it.

So to everyone I don’t thank enough, thank you and god bless all of you.


A thankful pessimist who feels suddenly optimistic